A repository of materials for my statistics textbooks

About Milton

Milton the cat is a character from my book An Adventure in Statistics who finds himself the reluctant teacher of the book’s hero, Zach Slade, who wakes up to find that his soul mate Alice has vanished. To find her, he must solve a puzzle using the only clue he has – Alice’s unfinished research report. To do this he needs to learn statistics … fast. Milton becomes Zach’s mentor, and now that Zach’s quest is over, Milton has decided to be your mentor too by creating this repository of statistics tutorials that accompany my books.


The menus link to materials relating to the following textbooks:

  • Discovering Statistics Using IBM SPSS Statistics: The ‘official’ companion website maintained by the publishers is here, which links to various materials here that it makes sense for me to maintain rather than them (Smart Alex tasks, Self-Tests). For a more coherant experience use the companion website, which will bring you here when you need it. I have some interactive tutorials here though too.
  • An Adventure in Statistics: The ‘official’ companion website maintained by the publishers is here. Here I have information about an R package called adventr to accompany the book.
  • Discovering Statistics Using R: There’s nothing here yet, but as I write the new edition I will add stuff!

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